About Feetje


FEETJE takes it next level! With no less than 23 themes the summer collection for 2022 is more complete than ever. The collection, mainly consisting of organic cotton, is available in sizes 44 to 86 and will be supplied to shops between January and March 2022.

Jumpsuits, rompers, T-shirts, trousers, dresses and playsuits: it's all to be found in the new FEETJE summer collection. The collection is divided into four groups: newborn, baby, mini and denim.

Subtle themes for newborns: the newborn collection (sizes 44 to 74) consists of unisex shades such as light green, blue and off-white, complemented by darker shades for cool guys and lovely pastel for the littlest girls.

Prints for the little ones vary from sweet hearts and strawberries to tough tigers. 

In the baby collection (size 56 to 86) quiet colours such as old pink, grey and sand return. Prints inspired by nature predominate: daisies, leaves, birds and a sweet cheetah print invite you to explore the world!

The mini-collection (size 68 to 86) radiates with coral, navy and soft orange the ultimate summer feeling. The prints of mermaids, seahorses, palm trees and papayas are perfect for the smal lest beach boys and girls. All of this combines perfectly with the denim collection, which completes every look.

Sweet, soft, happy and rich in details. The baby clothes of FEETJE (JUBEL and STURDY's little sister) are easy to spot. Apart from the changing collections, the brand has a number of fixed items that return every year, with the nostalgie waffie pyjamas as the big winner.

“The magic is in you, baby”