About Feetje

With a collection consisting of no less than 22 themes, FEETJE has also come up with a great look for the winter season 2022. The collection, available in sizes 44 to 86, will appear in shops and online shops between July and September.

Comfortable trousers, lovely hoodies, fine home suits, cheerful skirts and matching tights. The new winter collection of FEETJE, which is for the most part made of organic cotton, has it all. For the coldest season of the year FEETJE uses warm winter colours like sand brown, vintage pink, berry and green, combined with the nicest subtle prints for the little ones.

The latest winter collection is for little ones who like to stay warm inside, with soft fabrics in fine colours. But the collection also screams "out there!", in search of adventure. Look out for tigers and bears, lovely birds and maybe even dinosaurs... Go wild with a striking cheetah print and go crazy with the cheerful circus theme. Peace out with the colourful hippy items of the Made of Magic theme or just relax in the beautiful plain but comfy items. We have also thought about the holidays. With the Party Girl and Mister Party themes, even the littlest ones will be well dressed for special occassions . Ready for a party!

Sweet, soft, happy and rich in details. The baby clothes of FEETJE (JUBEL and STURDY's little sister) are easy to spot. Apart from the changing collections, the brand has a number of fixed items that return every year, with the nostalgie waffie pyjamas as the big winner.

“The magic is in you, baby”