Customer service

The brands Feetje, Jubel and Sturdy belong to Van den Broek BV. Van den Broek BV is a textile wholesaler specialised in baby and children clothing. We don´t sell consumer oriented, but only business to business. This also means that we don´t have large stock quantities.

It´s for the best to resolve any issues or complaints with the store where you bought the item. They can easily exchange or send the item back for you. If it isn´t possible to do so, please fill in the questions and tabs down beneath:


You can find the item number in the label, it starts with 5 (Feetje) , 7 (Sturdy) or 9 (Jubel).

In case you have a photo of the item, you can upload it here. Attention! Upload is not possible for devices with an old IOS version! (Iphone/Ipad)